Welcome to Big Box Coaching

When you become a Big Box Coaching Client you will have a dedicated website setup for your personal access. An example of the website, including example deliverables is below.

Your Dedicated BBC Coach

Tony Mickle



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Your Personalized Coaching Files

Your personal coaching repository would typically appear below with access to all of your files. For the purpose of this example site the deliverables have been posted below.

This is an example coaching report that is delivered after each coaching session. Reports range in length and content, but are delivered at the end of each coaching session. For Ad Hoc coaching billing only occurs after the delivery of the coaching report.

Example BBC Coaching Report - John Smith
Example BBC Coaching Contract

We take our commitments and your confidentiality seriously. A coaching contract will be drafted and signed when you become a new client. Changes to the contract are tracked as addendums and signed after each one.

At the conclusion of our 5th coaching session for individual/executive coaching or when engaged for business coaching we deliver a 360 feedback. This is a customized report based on our coaching sessions

360 Feedback Survey Example Form